RAISING ISSUES OF RACE IN NORTH CAROLINA CRIMINAL CASES, Alyson Grine and Emily Coward (November 2014). Co-authored new manual with input of Advisory Board to gather, organize, and analyze the law on the intersection of race and the criminal justice system and to offer tools and strategies to combat disparate treatment of defendants based on race and ethnicity (cited in Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado, 137 S. Ct. 855 (2017) (Alito, J., dissenting)). 

NORTH CAROLINA DEFENDER MANUAL, VOLUME I, PRETRIAL, John Rubin and Alyson Grine (2d ed. October 2013). Co-authored revised manual on pretrial law and procedure. 

NORTH CAROLINA JUVENILE DEFENDER MANUAL, Lou Newman, Alyson Grine, and Eric Zogry (August 2008). Co-authored new manual providing a review of juvenile delinquency law and proceedings, practice tips for attorneys new to practice in juvenile court, and statutory and case law references for seasoned juvenile defenders.  

Article: “A New Approach: Jury Instruction on the Decreased Reliability of Cross-Racial Identifications,” The North Carolina State Bar Journal (Fall 2018). 

Article: “Questioning Prospective Jurors About Possible Racial or Ethnic Bias: Lessons from Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado,” The North Carolina State Bar Journal (Summer 2017). 

Article: “Recognizing Implicit Bias within the Equal Protection Framework,” Trial Briefs (April 2017) (co-authored with Emily Coward). 

Article: “Exit Interview with Danielle Carman, Assistant Director and General Counsel for the Office of Indigent Defense Services from its Inception until August of 2016,” Trial Briefs (January 2017). 

Article: “Time to Talk about Race, Policing, and Community,” Chapel Hill News (October 2016). 

Article: “Raising Issues of Race in North Carolina Criminal Cases: A New Resource for North Carolina Defenders and Other Court Actors,” Trial Briefs (June 2014). 

Article: “Delivering on Gideon’s Promise: North Carolina’s Efforts to Enhance Legal Representation for Poor People,” Popular Government (October 2008). Authored article that describes the origins of the right to counsel for indigent people accused of crimes in state court, and analyzes North Carolina’s efforts to safeguard that right by implementing a statewide system for provision and oversight of indigent defense representation and expanding training for indigent defenders. 

Blog posts for North Carolina Criminal Law Blog, e.g., “Implicit Bias: Why Race is Hard Even When People are Good,” “Reverse Batson Challenge Sustained,” “A Jury of One’s Peers,” “Prying Open the Jury Room: Supreme Court Creates an Exception to the No-Impeachment Rule for Racial Bias,” “No Probable Cause?,” “Post-Rodriguez North Carolina Appellate Cases,” and “What to Expect After a Traffic Stop” (discussed in 3/22/16 News & Observer article, “Raleigh Traffic-stop Video Blends Police Preferences and Drivers’ Rights”). 

Blog posts for Forensic Science in North Carolina: “Two Bullets, One Gun,” and “Legislative Change Regarding Expert Testimony.”