From a robust pool of applicants, I hired Alyson to be my law clerk immediately following her graduation from law school at UNC Chapel Hill. She won me over with her energetic, positive demeanor, strong scholastic record, and demonstrated regard for the welfare of underprivileged people. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to swear in Judge Grine as a Superior Court Judge. You can rely on her to exercise sound legal reasoning tempered with compassion. She is an asset to the administration of justice in our most serious matters at the trial level and will enhance public confidence in the judiciary.

Patricia Timmons-Goodson
Associate Justice, Supreme Court of North Carolina (Retired)

I was thrilled when Governor Cooper appointed my friend Judge Alyson Grine to the superior court bench. And now we need to do everything we can to keep her there. Her experience prepared her well for service. And, since her appointment, she has met every challenge that has come before her with the thoughtfulness and thoroughness we need in our judiciary.

Chris Brook, former judge of the North Carolina Court of Appeals
Partner, Patterson Harkavy LLP

Alyson is an experienced attorney who is qualified for this important leadership role in our district and who has roots in Chatham County, where she served as a public defender. She can be counted on to demonstrate respect and compassion to everyone who appears before her in court. Additionally, and in particular at this moment in history, I find it significant that Alyson has a demonstrated commitment to racial justice and working to make our courts function more equitably.

Karen Howard
Chatham County Commissioner

I became impressed with Alyson Grine, her humility, integrity, alertness and ability to logically analyze her client’s case, when she tried her first jury trial before me in 2002. Judge Grine treats every party, juror, witness, and court official with great respect. And, she requires that every officer of the court treat everyone with respect, regardless of their status. Judge Grine has demonstrated courage and integrity, and we need to keep her on the bench.

Wade Barber
Retired Superior Court Judge, Judicial District 15B

I have known Alyson since 2000 when we worked together in Chatham. Alyson and I both speak Spanish, and together we represented most of the Spanish speaking defendants that were appointed counsel. I have closely followed her distinguished legal career as a defense attorney, prosecutor, scholar, teacher, and author. Judicial temperament is very important to me. I have been in court and seen judges lose their temper and yell at litigants. This is never appropriate. Alyson treats every person in her courtroom with the utmost respect. She is patient and dignified. I tease her about being prim and proper due to her Wilson upbringing, but it has served her well in stressful courtroom situations.

We need judges that have personal experience with community members from marginalized backgrounds. They need to know firsthand that not every litigant that enters our courts believes that he or she will be treated fairly by a system that has been dominated by white mainstream jurists for centuries. Alyson brings those experiences to the court, both professionally and in her personal life. District 15B will be better for having Alyson as our Superior Court Judge.

Fran Muse, Director of UNC Student Legal Services
Former President of the Judicial District 15B Bar

I have collaborated with Alyson, now Judge Grine, for many years. She is a caring person with a positive outlook who listens to others’ perspectives and ideas. She is an excellent Superior Court Judge and I urge you to keep her in that role in service to Chatham and Orange Counties. Alyson learned Spanish out of an appreciation for the rich cultures of Spanish speaking countries and the beauty of the language. This helped her forge a bond of trust with her clients as a public defender. She treated all clients with respect, compassion and professionalism in district and superior courts in Pittsboro and Siler City. Judge Grine is deeply committed to making the courts function more justly and equitably and has studied these issues deeply. This is just the quality that we need at this point in history.

Ilana Dubester

We need to keep Alyson Grine on the bench! She has the qualities our community needs: knowledge of the law, integrity, and a commitment to making our courts more equitable. She is also an excellent pickle ball partner.

Tai Huynh
Chapel Hill Town Council Member

Alyson Grine is a capable and dedicated public servant who cares deeply about the most vulnerable members of our community and the issues that affect their lives and well-being. I urge you to vote for Judge Grine and keep her on the bench!

Renée A. Price
Commissioner/Chair, Orange County Board of County Commissioners

Chatham County Sheriff Mike Roberson and UNC Chapel Hill Political Science Professor Frank Baumgertner with Judge Grine following a presentation on criminal justice at Fearrington Village. Both support her candidacy!

Judge Grine is a valued and engaged member of our community who has dedicated her life and career to public service. She is truly working to balance the scales of justice. We need her on the bench. Keep Judge Grine!

Barbara Foushee
Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Carrboro

I have known Alyson for, gosh, almost 30 years. I met her as an undergraduate at UNC. Even then, she had a passion for fairness and equality. Through the years I have witnessed her growth in the legal profession. In many conversations about work, I get a great sense of her caring about each of her cases as well as the tough work involved in doing the job right. I was ecstatic to hear that Governor Cooper appointed her to be a judge for many reasons. For one, being an out LGBTQ+ member of the judicial branch brings a depth of experience and understanding that has been underrepresented for years. Also, I trust in her depth of understanding the law and commitment to applying it fairly in every case that comes before her.

David Sutton
Owner of db sutton & company, Chapel Hill

Judge Grine is committed to equality under the law for all North Carolinians and brings a reputation for thoughtfulness, fairness, and efficiency to her work. Governor Cooper did the community and the courts a favor when he appointed her to the Superior Court bench and it is my pleasure and honor to endorse her candidacy for this seat.

Nan Nixon
Chapel Hill

In working with Judge Grine at The Durham County District Attorney’s office, I saw her compassion and strength in handling violent crime prosecutions. She also brings unparalleled knowledge of the law to the bench from her experience in practice and as faculty at the UNC School of Government. I am proud to endorse her for Superior Court Judge.

Danny Spiegel
Chapel Hill

Alyson Grine has the intellect, integrity, and kind temperament we need in a Superior Court Judge. Please join me in voting to keep Judge Grine!

Howard Lee
Former Mayor of Chapel Hill, North Carolina Senator